Is poor circulation in legs a big deal?

Many people suffer from poor circulation in legs but they are unaware of the symptoms or they simply ignore them. Therefore, this disorder is often called a silent killer. The best way to improve blood circulation in your legs is through food.

Poor circulation can lead to leg cramps and varicose veins, or even stroke or heart attack, and the most common causes are improper diet, insufficient physical activity and smoking. Also overabundant food with a great energy intake of fat and sugar is one of the problem triggers. These saturated fatty acids are found in milk and dairy products, fatty meats and dairy products, egg yolk and eggs, as well as in the intestines.

Foods that are recommended for good circulation

Mediterranean diet is recommended, as it has been proven the most efficient in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. So, eat fresh fruits, various vegetables, low fat fish and meat, foods from whole black grains. Next, have succinctly fruits and seeds for a snack or  breakfast because it contains poly saturated essential fatty acids that are beneficial to human health, and can be eaten in raw state. Pulses, beans, lentils, green beans, peas are preferable in a diet, but if not combined  with meat.

The food people with poor circulation should avoid

Adding sugar, sweets, too much salt intake. It would be best not add salt to your food  at least for a while. Next, black coffee is not reccomended, avoiding nes with milk and cream is especially recomended, as well as the espresso. The best option is filter coffee.  A glass of red wine is occasionally is permitted.

Method of preparation

Short-term and rapid thermal processing of food, cooked in water or steamed, grilled or baked foods with little fat. Chop up food before treatment to speed up  the thermal treatment. It is important to use cold-squeezed oil, olive or grape seed. Olive oil contains monounsaturated oleic acid which has a beneficial effect on the health of blood vessels.

Basic tips for good circulation:Poor Circulation in Legs

  • Achieve and maintain desirable weight
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables on daily basis
  • Small amounts of lean meat and fish
  • Consume whole grain cereals on daily basis
  • Use cold squeezed olive oil
  • Use of potassium salt and reduce salt in diet
  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas
  • Walk on  daily basis

Suggested menu for a poor circulation people

Breakfast:  Musli from different cereals (without sugar). Non fat milk or yogurt, add a soup spoon of finely chopped succinctly dried fruit and.
Snack:  One fruit.
Lunch: Vegetable soup, twice a week, saltwater fish, two meatless days, a plate of beans, salad of various vegetables and cooked vegetables.
Dinner:  Integral piece of bread, smeared with nonfat cheese, salad with different vegetables with little olive oil or a plate of boiled vegetables with the addition of integrated rice with little olive oil, a bowl of salad (various vegetables, vitamin salad).

Maintaining your blood circulation good you are taking care of your legs.

Is poor circulation in legs a big deal?
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